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5 Great Images for Nature Lovers
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5 Great Images for Nature Lovers

Bringing the Outside In with Vintage Nature Photography

For those who love taking in scenic views from across the world, our vintage nature photographs are the perfect decor piece. They allow you to bring stunning views into your home for you to enjoy daily, rather than once in a lifetime. They bring the same sense of calm into your space that you would feel while staring out at the endless expanse of nature, without the time of trekking to these beautiful destinations. If you love and appreciate mother nature's beauty, consider adding a fine art print of a vintage nature photograph to your home or office! 

Scenic Vistas and Travel Destinations in our Collection

Black and White photo of Fairmount Park in Philadelphia

Our collection at Old Town Print Gallery includes numerous beautiful vintage images of landscapes, parks, and various other scenic views from across the country. We have photographs of numerous National Parks, from desert landscapes to tree-covered mountains, as well as photographs of local gems, such as the Japanese Garden in Fairmount Park, Philidelphia. We are always expanding our collections, and continue to find unique vintage images perfect for all the nature lovers out there. This images are perfect for bringing a touch of natural beauty into your home or office.

Vintage Photographs of National Parks

Our National Parks collection includes vintage images from National Parks across the country. These stunning locations are preserved and protected, allowing nature to truly flourish. Viewing the incredible landscapes these parks have to offer in person is an incredible experience, and we’d love to help bring that experience into your home or office every day! Maybe there’s a park you’ve visited that always stuck with you, or a park you’ve always dreamt of visiting. Either way, a fine art print of a vintage photograph from that park will make the perfect addition to your decor! 

A black and white photograph of Crater Lake

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon 

One of our favorite images in our National Parks collection is our vintage photograph depicting Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. This photograph shows a portion of the vast expanse of Crater Lake, with towering trees in the foreground. The sense of scale in the photograph is humbling, reminding us of the immensity of the natural world around us. This image is perfect for anyone who has traveled to view this unique location, or who has a trip on their bucket list and wants to keep their dream in the forefront. 

We offer reproduction prints of this special image in a range of standard sizes, making framing a breeze. Additionally, you can order your prints on either fine art paper or stretched canvas, so you can customize your print to your exact needs and preferences. If you’d like to learn more about the materials we use for our prints, just click here

Glacier National Park 

Another standout in our collection is Glacier National Park, a vintage photograph of a winding road traversing an expanse of mountains, cutting a path through the towering trees. The road helps to show the enormity of the landscape, providing a sense of scale that anyone can relate to. Imagine traveling along that road and staring out at the mountains reaching into the sky, feeling like an ant passing through such a massive landscape. 

Vintage views of Glacier National Park

If you feel a connection to Glacier National Park or simply appreciate the beauty of the landscapes it offers, this image would make a perfect addition to your decor! Prints can be ordered on multiple different print surfaces, in a range of sizes, so you can get exactly what you need. A large print of this image would make a unique statement piece in your space, while a smaller print would blend seamlessly into your existing decor. 

Use Vintage Wall Art to Share Your Adventurous Spirit

The items we choose to decorate our spaces with tend to be a reflection of ourselves. They tell visitors what we like, what our interests are, or at least what we find beautiful enough to want to look at day in and day out. If you’re an adventurous spirit who loves to travel the world, seeing beautiful landscapes and admiring what the world has to offer, our vintage landscape photographs are perfect for sharing this interest with your guests! Hang vintage photographs of the places you’ve traveled to or have on your bucket list to invite conversation about these locations, while appreciating the nostalgia that vintage images offer. 

Unique Vintage Landscapes

Our collection includes vintage images from well-known locations across the country, as well as locations that may not be as wildly recognized. Some of these images offer views of rural landscapes and farm life, while others show quietly beautiful spaces in city parks. And for a select few special images, we’ve traveled outside the US to bring you even more beautiful vintage landscapes. 

Yoho Park in British Columbia 

While most of the photographs in our collection offer views from across America, we’ve made an exception for a few irresistible images captured in British Columbia’s Yoho Park. These views caught our attention, and we think you’ll love them too. Yoho Park offers stunning views of lakes, mountains, trees, and more. 

Van Horn Range and Emerald Lake

The first image that caught our eye is that of the Van Horn Range and Emerald Lake in Yoho Park. This photograph shows Emerald Lake in between tree-covered hills that lead up to towering mountain peaks. The background fades into the distance, and one can imagine the time it would take to traverse this expansive landscape. 

A vintage photograph of Summit Lake, with trees and a mountain reflected in the water

Summit Lake

Next up in our unique collection of images from Yoho Park is our vintage photograph of Summit Lake. This gorgeous image shows the crystal clear surface of the lake perfectly reflecting the mountain peak towering above it. This unique photograph draws the viewer in, inviting them to experience the mountain from multiple angles in a single image.

It is easy to feel a sense of wanderlust when looking at this photograph, and you can bring that feeling into your space with a fine art print reproduction of this stunning landscape. Prints of this photograph can be ordered as large as 40” x 50” for those looking to truly make a statement with this image in their decor. On the opposite end of the spectrum, prints can be ordered as small as 8” x 10”, perfect for those on a budget, or looking to fill a gap in their existing decor. 

Finding Tranquility with Vintage Photography

Vintage photographs inspire a feeling of nostalgia, calling back to simpler times. Many of these images bring about a feeling of calm, imagining being in those spaces during that time, without the hustle and bustle of modern life. Many of our vintage photographs of landscapes, in particular, offer a great sense of tranquility. These views of natural spaces, with no interruptions from our jobs or other obligations, allow viewers to be immersed in the peace and quiet they depict.

Delaware River Above Gap

If you are looking to add a piece of decor to your home or office that inspires calm and tranquility, we suggest taking a look at Delaware River Above Gap. This photograph depicts a single canoe on the calm water, viewed from the shore, partially framed by the shade of a nearby tree. Viewing this image, one can’t help but feel just a little more relaxed, placing themselves in the landscape to feel the natural calm of the space, experiencing only the sights and smells of nature. 

A black and white, vintage image of a canoe on the Delware River

We are proud of offer fine art print reproductions of this beautiful photograph, on archival paper and canvas. We offer a range of size options, but if you don’t see what you need, feel free to reach out to us! We’d be happy to discuss a custom size to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

Decorating Your Space to Foster a Peaceful Atmosphere

Many of us live busy lives, and our homes are often a refuge from our busy schedules. Decorating your space with pieces that inspire you and bring you joy is essential for enjoying the downtime that you have in your home. Displaying artwork and photographs that bring a sense of calm can be a great way to help you destress after a long day. The vintage landscape photographs discussed here are perfect to help you achieve this. They offer beautiful views of serene landscapes, inviting you to slow down and appreciate the natural beauty the world has to offer.

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