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About our Canvas

About our Canvas

When choosing our materials we didn’t cut corners. We did extensive research and tested out countless different brands and types of canvas. Our research and testing led us to decide on Breathing Color’s Lyve canvas, paired with their Timeless Varnish. 

Breathing Color

Breathing Color specializes in traditional artists’ canvas as well as archival inkjet media. They are a team of passionate artists, photographers, and creative business professionals whose mission is to empower artists by providing the best products, support, and education possible. 

Large Scale Production

Two Canvas prints

To reproduce the full range of colors and details of photographs and original artwork you need the highest quality materials. Breathing Color is the largest inkjet media manufacturer in the United States, and is focused on developing, distributing, and supporting the inkjet print media that artists rely on. 

A True Team Effort

Breathing Color’s team is proud to create the best inkjet media, and knows that every step of the process is as important as the last. From their chemists in the lab to the hardworking people packing and shipping orders, every team member makes it possible to provide high-quality materials to artists around the world. 

Lyve Canvas

Breathing Color’s Lyve canvas truly sets the standard for premium inkjet canvas. Despite being free of optical brightening agents it boasts a bright white surface that prevents the yellowing that so commonly affects lesser canvases. This means our prints will last significantly longer than lesser quality products, and will continue to look brand new for decades.

Inkjet Coating

Close up of canvas texture

The patented inkjet coating used on Lyve canvas allows for the printing of incredibly rich blacks and stunningly vibrant colors. This makes it perfect for our vintage photography, which ranges from traditional black-and-white methods to full-color images.

Certified Archival

This canvas also boasts a 100-year blue wool certification by the fine art trade guild, so our prints are guaranteed to last for generations to come. Our prints can become heirlooms, cherished by families and passed down from one generation to the next. To learn more about archival ratings, check out our article on the subject here.

Timeless Varnish

Designed to be paired with Breathing Color’s matte canvases, such as the Lyve canvas we use, Timeless is the ultimate liquid varnish for archival-certified prints. A coat of Timeless varnish deepens the already rich black inks and makes bold colors even more vibrant. 

Archival Protection

Timeless varnish creates a water-resistant coating on our canvas prints, providing scuff protection and UV defense. A coat of Timeless varnish is the perfect finish to any fine art canvas print. The varnish also helps keep dust and other contaminants off the prints. The surface of a varnished canvas can easily be wiped clean. If you'd like to read more about how to care for and clean your canvas prints, you can check out our helpful guide on the subject here.

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