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About Our Paper

About Our Paper

There's no shortage of options when choosing a paper, and we've tested a wide variety of those options before making a decision. After our tests and research, we chose Hahnemühle's Museum Etching as our exclusive paper for Old Town Print Gallery.


Until the end of the 19th century, Hahnemühle was a small manufacturer with less than 15 employees, specializing in making the finest handmade writing papers. The mill grew under the leadership of Carl Hahne, allowing for the production of art paper and high purity filter paper. 

Continued Growth

By the 1920s, Hahnemühle was employing more than 120 people. The production of artist papers continued to increase during the Industrialization era. In the early 1920’s the first paper machine, a mould made paper machine, was installed, though until the 1960’s some of the papers were still being made completely by hand. The 1960’s also saw Hahnemühle develop the first vegan, acid-free and archival machine made paper, which was made without animal glues or other animal substrates. 

Developing New Papers

Two paper Prints

The first fine art inkjet papers were developed in the late 1990s, and were based on traditional artist papers. Hahnemühle’s Digital FineArt Collection is the leading paper range today, and is highly awarded, trusted by museums, galleries, and collectors. 

Hahnemühle Today

Today, Hahnemühe’s portfolio comprises both traditional and digital fine art papers, to be used for printing, painting, and life science applications. As a pioneer and world market leader, Hahnemühle is continuously refining its artist papers, made to create the most stunning prints of photographs, digital art, and art reproductions. 

Museum Etching

Of the range of papers Hahnemühle has to offer we chose their Museum Etching paper for our prints. Museum Etching is a natural white cotton paper featuring an inkjet coating that is optimized specifically for fine art printing. 

About the paper

Close up of Paper Texture

At 350gsm, this is a heavyweight paper with a subtle texture and is free of optical brighteners. The textured surface offers a soft tactile feel and artistic impression, perfect for creating fine art prints of our vintage photography images. The premium matte inkjet coating on the paper produces incredibly vivid colors as well as rich, deep blacks, allowing us to create stunning color prints as well as compelling black and white prints. 

Archival Quality 

Museum Etching is acid- and lignin-free and meets the strict requirements for age resistance, making it ideal for producing prints that will last a lifetime. Hahnemühle’s Museum Etching paper is rated to last over 100 years without fading or discoloration. For more information about the archival ratings of our materials, click here.

The Highlights

  • Heavyweight, 350gsm
  • 100% cotton
  • Natural white, free of optical brighteners
  • Premium inkjet coating for gorgeous color and black and white prints
  • Acid-free, archival
  • Museum quality

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Washington Monument
Baker at the Vermont State Fair

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