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Ways to Incorporate Vintage Photos into Modern Interior Designs
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Ways to Incorporate Vintage Photos into Modern Interior Designs

Vintage photographs and reproduction prints of vintage images can be incorporated into any style of home decor. They’ll certainly blend most seamlessly with decor that features other antique/vintage pieces, but with the right techniques, they can look just as at home in more modern interiors as well. 

Blending Styles with Vintage and Modern Decor

If the majority of your decor and interior design is on the modern end of the scale, displaying vintage photographs can be a great way to add some variety to your space. They’ll be eye-catching conversation starters as unique items in your home. 

Framing Vintage Photographs

The frame that you choose for your vintage photograph can go a long way toward helping merge the vintage and modern styles in your home. Premade frames can be limited in style and options, but custom framing allows you to choose each part of the frame and build something that perfectly suits your style and space. 

A framed paper print of a vintage photograph of a Christmas display hangs in a modern room

Using Modern Frame Styles

Framing your vintage prints with a more modern frame style can help them blend more seamlessly into your modern decor. Sleek black frames are timeless, and won’t look out of place on a vintage photograph. There are plenty of modern styles that will work with vintage images and they are made in all sizes, so no matter what size your vintage print is, you’ll be able to find a modern frame that works for you. 

Custom Framing

If you’re unable to find a modern frame you like on the shelves, custom framing is the best option for you. Depending on what is available in your area, you may be able to work with a local framer/small business, or you may need to look for craft stores such as Michaels that have dedicated framing departments. The specialists at either of these options will be able to guide you through the process of custom framing. 

With custom framing, you’ll be able to choose every part of your frame. You can combine any mat with any frame moulding and have the may cut to your preferred specifications. We would also recommend speaking with your framer about archival materials. If you’re already making the investment in custom framing, it is worth it to further invest in higher-quality materials that are acid-free. This will ensure that the frame material do not cause yellowing and fading over time. 

A print of vintage photography featuring women working on an airplane, framed and hung with other decor

Choose Timeless Vintage Images

Another way to incorporate vintage images into your modern decor without them standing out too much is to choose more timeless images. Vintage photographs that include things like clothing, signage, and cars are more obviously placed in the timeline. Although a viewer may not know the exact decade in which the photograph was taken, it is generally immediately clear that the photograph was taken long ago. 

Choosing images that are more timeless, and that don’t include any obviously dated elements is a great way to subtly bring vintage images into your modern space. Viewers likely won’t immediately know that the photograph is vintage, which allows you to create a conversation about the photograph’s history. 

A black and white photograph of Crater Lake

Displaying Landscapes in Modern Interiors

Landscapes are often the most timeless images of all. Our collection of vintage photographs includes a number of landscape photos, many of which were taken in National Parks. These images can be nearly impossible to place in time, making them the perfect timeless images for your modern interior. 

Black and White Vintage Photos for Modern Designs

Modern interior design often includes a lot of neutral colors and tones. If that is the case with your particular decor, vintage color photographs may be more of a bold statement than you’re looking for. Instead, choose from the numerous black-and-white images in our catalog to stay aligned with the neutral themes in your decor.

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