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Why Choose Reproductions Over Original Vintage Prints

Why Choose Reproductions Over Original Vintage Prints

We love vintage photography and pride ourselves on creating the highest quality reproduction prints possible. But why buy a reproduction print instead of an original vintage print? There are several advantages to buying reproduction prints rather than originals. The archival quality of modern materials is a huge advantage, as well as being able to choose exactly the size you need, rather than having to search for something in the right size.

Restored Damage

It’s unlikely to find a vintage print that is still in pristine condition. Most have some level of damage and/or fading. This can include cracks, scratches, fading, and spots from dust and dirt. We spend hours digitally restoring our images to bring them back to their original condition. This allows you to have vintage images that look as good as the day they were created. 

Before and after digital restoration
An example of the type of damage we digitally repair

Archival Materials

We’ve come a long way with our papers and printers over the centuries! Many vintage prints were created on materials that weren’t rated to last anywhere near as long as the materials we are using today. This means they will often show fading and discoloration. Our papers and inks are all fully archival, rated to last over 100 years without fading, and can last even longer when properly cared for. Click here to read more about the archival ratings of our materials.


In addition to being archival, our materials are also museum-quality. While many retailers use cheaper quality, poster-style materials, we use only the highest quality paper and canvas to create our prints. 

Customized Options

When shopping our reproduction prints, you can browse our curated collections or search for whatever image you have in mind. Whether you want an image of a car, train, or landscape, you can find options for whatever you need. When shopping for original vintage prints, it can be much harder to find what you’re looking for. 

Get the size you need

A big advantage of reproduction prints is that we have multiple size options available for each image. No matter what image you like, you can order a small print to fill a specific gap in your decor or a large print to make a statement on a large wall. 

Your choice of print materials

Framed Print of Women Working on Plane

Everyone has a different aesthetic, and choosing our reproduction prints allows you to find a print that fits your style. We offer all of our images as prints on both paper and canvas. Paper prints are intended to be framed, and you can choose any frame style that fits your taste. Canvas prints are ready to hang on the wall as is, no additional framing is needed. Click here to learn a bit more about our paper and canvas.

Countless images to choose from

As mentioned above, when shopping for reproduction prints you’ll have access to myriad images to fit any interest and style. We are constantly adding to our collection, so no matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got something you’ll like! 

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