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Keep Him Smiling

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Style: Fine Art Paper Print
Size: 5x10

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Delve into history with this carefully restored vintage military poster, brought to you by the experts at Old Town Print Gallery. Featuring the slogan, "Keep Him Smiling," this high-quality reproduction print comes from a captivating 1918 poster from the United War-Work Campaign.

The historic morale boost portrayed in its pristine details features a resilient soldier in the middle of a snowstorm and the enduring slogan, "Keep Him Smiling." Impeccably restored to its original condition, this vintage poster whispers of an era gone by.

Meticulously digitally restored, this poster does full justice to the halftone photomechanical printmaking technique utilized during its creation. Each piece comes with our guarantee of archival museum quality, ensuring that every detail is preserved in its restored beauty.

Each print is crafted with passion and precision in our studio in Alexandria, VA. Every attention is given to ensuring this print delivers a nostalgic charm. If you're curious about our materials for this exquisite print, we invite you to learn more about our materials.

As vintage posters were not created in standard sizes, we have chosen to offer sizes based on the long dimensions of each poster. While the short dimensions of our poster reproductions may vary, we can ensure that multiple prints ordered will have the same long dimensions to provide a consistent aesthetic when displayed.

Also, remember that if you have any special requests, we're all ears to ensure your satisfaction. With Old Town Print Gallery, create a timeless allure in your space with "Keep Him Smiling" today.

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