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Waste Not, Want Not - Prepare for Winter (Blue Background)

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Style: Fine Art Paper Print
Size: 7.4x10

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This unique vintage poster was created between 1914-18, during World War I. The slogan "Waste not, Want not, Prepare for Winter" takes viewers back in time to an era when even civilians were directly impacted by war in their everyday lives. The push to ensure no wasted food was common during wartime when supplies became more scarce. This version of the poster features a blue background, an alternative to the black background version we also have available.

The poster encourages viewers to "save perishable foods by preserving now", and depicts an older woman teaching a younger woman about canning foods. This unique poster had gathered its fair share of dust, dirt, and damage over the last century. Our skilled team has digitally restored it to remove these imperfections and bring it back to its original, pristine condition.

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