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5 Vintage Prints for Car Enthusiasts
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5 Vintage Prints for Car Enthusiasts

Our collection includes myriad vintage photographs of historic cars, spanning a great length of time in automotive history. Those with a passion for classic and vintage cars are sure to find something they love in our collection of automobile images

Share Your Passion for Automotive History with Vintage Photography

Decorating your home or office with vintage photographs of historic cars is a great way to share your interest in automotive history. Displaying a fine art reproduction print from Old Town Print Gallery is a surefire way to start a conversation with your guests, leading to a wonderful discussion of a potential shared interest. Our collection includes images of vehicles from a number of the major players in car manufacturing. Many of our images depict these vehicles in front of iconic locations, making the images even more striking. 

A vintage ford coupe parked in front of the spite house in Alexandria

How to Display Vintage Car Photographs

If you’re new to buying fine art prints, you may not know where to start, but that’s okay! We’re here to help. Prints can be displayed in countless ways, and there’s no right or wrong way. How you display your prints will depend on the space that you have to fill and your own personal style preferences. 

Framing Prints

If you are ordering paper prints, you’ll need to get them framed before you display them. Framing behind glass protects the surface of the print from scuffs, scratches, and other damage. There are countless options for framing your prints. Depending on the size of the print, you may be able to find a premade frame that you can put the print into yourself. This is often the most budget-friendly option but comes with a smaller variety of frame styles. 

If you’re looking to customize your framing experience and put together the perfect frame to fit your style, you can look into custom framing options in your area. This will allow you to work directly with a framer to find exactly what you need. 

If you’d like to read more about your options for framing, you can read our guide on the subject here

Creating a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can be a great way to create a unique display with your prints. You can mix and match any type of decor you want to put together into a gallery wall that conveys your interests and style. Prints can be displayed alongside original artwork, and hanging pieces of varying sizes helps to create visual interest. 

The History of Ford Motor Co

Vintage Photographs Throughout the Era of Ford Vehicles

Our collection of vintage automobile photography includes quite a few images of Ford Motor Company vehicles. These images offer a unique view of the history of Ford, and you can bring a piece of that history into your space with fine art reproduction prints of these stunning photographs. 

A couple with a dog in front of their Ford vehicle at the Lincoln Memorial

Ford 1 Door Sedan at Lincoln Memorial

One of our favorite photographs in this collection is “Ford 1 Door Sedan at Lincoln Memorial”. This striking black and white photograph shows a woman and dog posed in front of the vehicle, with the Lincoln Memorial in the background. This unique image brings two histories together; those of Ford, and Washington, DC. This photograph exudes style and sophistication and is the perfect addition to the decor of any vintage car enthusiast. Our prints can be purchased in a range of sizes and on multiple mediums, so you can get exactly what you need for your space. 

First and Ten Millionth Ford

A perfect image of history, “First and Ten Millionth Ford” depicts Henry Ford standing between the first Ford vehicle and the ten millionth. The difference between the two vehicles is striking and speaks to the rapid advancement of the automotive industry. 

A print of this iconic photograph would make the perfect gift for the car enthusiast in your life. Prints can be ordered in small sizes to fill a gap in decor, or much larger to make a statement. Our paper and canvas prints are all certified archival and will last a lifetime. 

Henry Ford with the first and 10 millionth ford vehicles

Vintage Images of Unique Vehicles 

Beyond the iconic Ford vehicles mentioned already, our collection includes numerous images of other notable vintage vehicles. These photographs show the history of automobiles, and offer a view into how styles and tastes have changed over the years. 

Dusenberg Car

Our vintage photograph of a Dusenberg Car dates back to 1923, showing the vehicle parked on a street in front of stone buildings. A spare tire sits attached to the side of this luxury car, offering a glimpse of a safety feature in history. If you or someone you know has an interest in classic cars, a print of this striking image would be the perfect decor piece. 

A vintage photograph of a Dusenberg car parked on the street

Marmon Motor Car Co.

Washington, DC is once again the backdrop for this vintage photograph of a vehicle made by Marmon Motor Car Company. With the car and its owner in the foreground, the Washington Monument can be seen standing tall in the background. This photograph was taken from the side of the car, showing its full length. 

You can bring this piece of automotive history into your home with a fine art print. We offer a range of sizes, so whether you need to fill a small space or make a statement, we’ve got what you need. 

A vintage photograph of a man sitting in a Marmon Motor Car Company vehicle

A Pop of Vintage Color in Automotive History

While the majority of the vintage photographs in our collection of automobile images are traditional black and white, we also have a selection of color images to choose from. These bold images can help bring a pop of color into your decor and be a standout piece among more muted decor pieces. Color photography has a rich history, and we love adding images from this era to our collection. 

Filling Station at Pie Town, New Mexico

A vintage color photograph of a filling station

Perhaps our favorite color photograph in this collection is “Filling Station at Pie Town, New Mexico”. This image shows several men standing around a vintage truck at a filling station. This photograph exudes vintage charm and nostalgia. From the classic, vintage truck, to the antiquated pumps of the filling station, this image sends the viewer back in time to a bygone era. This unique image would be the perfect centerpiece for those who appreciate the classic charm of vintage automobile images.

A Unique Moment in Time, Forever in Your Home

The photographs in our collection all depict unique moments in time. Some of these moments are notable and historic, while others are simple depictions of life at the time. Either way, they are moments that can’t be repeated, and their nostalgic charm shines through in our fine art reproduction prints. Our prints can be purchased in a number of different sizes, and on your choice of archival paper or canvas. No matter what your style preferences are, or what type of space you need to fill in your decor, you can find something that works perfectly for you within our collection. 

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