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Choosing the Material: The Impact of Paper and Canvas on Art Reproductions
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Choosing the Material: The Impact of Paper and Canvas on Art Reproductions

The material we choose to print art on dramatically affects how the print looks, feels, and lasts. It's like picking the best ingredients for a recipe. The right paper or canvas can make a print shine and stay beautiful for many years. That's why we spend a lot of time finding the best ones. This way, every print we make is something special that can be enjoyed for a long time. 

A framed print of a vintage photograph of a Ferris Wheel at the Vermont State Fair

Selecting the Perfect Canvas: Breathing Color's Lyve Canvas

Discovering Breathing Color

In our search for the best, we discovered Breathing Color, a company that makes fantastic canvas and paper for art. They're all about quality and helping artists show off their work at its best. They ensure every canvas they produce meets high standards, perfect for all kinds of beautiful art.

The Special Qualities of Lyve Canvas

We chose Breathing Color’s Lyve canvas for many reasons. It stays true to its color, avoiding the common yellowing problem over time. This means art printed on it will look just as vibrant years from now as it does today. We picked it because it brings artworks to life in a way that others can't match.

A Closer Look at Inkjet Coating

Lyve Canvas has a special coating that lets us print deep blacks and bright colors. This is great for ensuring old and new photos look their best. This canvas makes every detail pop, whether capturing the subtle shades of black and white or the full spectrum of colors.

A vintage photograph of Washington DC's Thomas Circle

Built to Last

What sets Lyve Canvas apart is its longevity. It’s designed to last for over 100 years. That means future generations will still enjoy the art you love today. It's not just about making prints; it's about creating lasting pieces of history.

Adding Timeless Varnish for Extra Protection

To ensure these prints stay perfect, we use Timeless varnish. This special varnish protects against water, sunlight, and even dust. It also makes the colors look even more vibrant and the blacks deeper. It’s the final touch that ensures every print is genuinely timeless.

Choosing the Right Paper: Hahnemühle’s Museum Etching

A Tradition of Excellence with Hahnemühle

Hahnemühle leads the way in blending traditional art paper qualities with modern digital art reproduction needs. They're known for their commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring every artist's work is immortalized on the finest substrates.

The Unique Qualities of Museum Etching Paper

Museum Etching paper isn't just another choice; it's a declaration of quality and longevity. Its heavyweight, cotton-based composition and natural white color help accurately bring vintage photography and contemporary art to life. The absence of optical brighteners ensures the art's original colors shine true, maintaining their integrity without the risk of yellowing over time.

This paper transforms digital reproductions into tactile experiences, with its subtle texture adding an extra dimension to each piece. It's a testament to how the right paper can elevate art from mere prints to heirloom-quality pieces.

Archival Standards for Timeless Beauty

In line with our commitment to durability and archival quality, Museum Etching paper meets the highest standards for age resistance. Certified to last well over a century, it assures that your cherished art remains as compelling as the day it was printed. This commitment to longevity ensures that every print is seen and experienced by generations.

The Impact of Medium Choice on Art Reproductions

A framed paper print hanging in a room decorated with blue accents

Our dedication to using materials like Breathing Color's Lyve canvas and Hahnemühle's Museum Etching paper goes beyond aesthetic appeal. It's about preserving the essence and vibrancy of the artwork through the decades. The selection process is meticulous, ensuring that each art piece is paired with the most suitable canvas or paper that complements its character and withstands the test of time.

This thoughtful approach to substrate selection underscores our broader mission: to bring art to life in forms that honor the original work while ensuring its legacy endures. It's a delicate balance between art and science; each decision impacts the artwork's future appreciation and value.

We bridge the gap between historical artistry and contemporary preservation by choosing materials with the best color fidelity, texture, and archival quality. This ensures that the beauty of art is accessible today and preserved for tomorrow.

Why We Don't Use Brighteners in Our Canvas and Paper

Some papers and canvases look white because they contain Optical Brightening Agents, or OBAs for short. OBAs make things look super bright under certain lights. But there's a catch. Over time, these brighteners can stop working, and the paper or canvas can start to look yellow. That's not good for art meant to last a long time.

We choose materials without these brighteners. This ensures that the art prints stay true to their original colors for many, many years. It's like choosing sturdy wood for a treehouse that you want to last forever rather than one that might rot quickly.

How the Weight and Feel of Paper and Canvas Matter

Imagine you're wearing a thick, cozy sweater on a cold day. It feels different than a light T-shirt on a sunny day, right? The same idea goes for the paper and canvas on which we print art. Some artworks look best on thick, heavy paper or canvas because they add a nice, rich feel. Other times, a lighter touch is needed.

The texture is important, too. A canvas with a bit of roughness might be perfect for a painting done initially with thick paint, but a smooth, soft paper could be better for a delicate drawing. We think a lot about these things to ensure the artwork feels right.

A close up photo of the texture of paper and canvas prints of a vintage airplane photograph

Why Colors on Your Art Prints Pop

The term "color gamut" sounds fancy, but it just means all the colors we can print. Imagine having a giant box of crayons with every color you could think of. That's what we aim for with our printing - the ability to use as many colors as possible to make the art look perfect.

The special coating on our canvas and paper helps us do this. It lets us print intense blacks and super bright colors. This means the old photos and beautiful art we print look very close to the original. Whether it's a sunset's glow or the ocean's deep blue, we can capture it all.

Explore Our Top-Quality Art Reproductions

The process of creating beautiful art reproductions goes beyond technical skill. At Old Town Print Gallery, we're dedicated to using the best materials to ensure that each print is as good as the original artwork. We use special canvas and paper to do this.

We invite you to see our collection and learn how we make our prints. Whether you're an artist, a collector, or just love art, we'd love for you to visit us. Let's celebrate art together!

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