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Experience Boston’s History With Vintage Photographs
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Experience Boston’s History With Vintage Photographs

Introducing our Collection of Vintage Boston Photographs

A vintage, black and white image of the Massachusetts State House in Boston

In our efforts to expand our catalog of vintage imagery, we’ve recently added Boston to our growing list of curated collections. In this collection you’ll find unique vintage photographs of Boston, walking you through its history. You’ll find historic architecture, peaceful moments, and colorful posters. Take a walk through our collection of Boston photographs, and if you see something you love, consider bringing it home with our fine art reproduction prints! And if you don't see anything you love today, remember to check back in the future, as we're always working to expand our collections.  

How we Select our Vintage Boston Images 

There is no shortage of photographs taken in Boston to choose from, so what makes an image special enough to make it into our collection? There are a number of factors that we consider when combing through archives and selecting images. The choices we make are based on wanting to offer the highest quality prints possible. So here are the questions we most commonly ask ourselves when searching for new images.  

  • How old is the photograph? Different people have different definitions of what age makes something vintage. We don’t have a strict cutoff, but the majority of the photographs in our collection date back to the early 1900s or late 1890s. The newest images in our collection were taken in the 1940s. 
  • What is the photograph of? The content of the image is a huge factor in our decisions. We want to find interesting subjects and visually appealing compositions. 
  • What is the condition of the image? Our skilled technicians digitally restore every photograph in our collection, repairing damage, removing dust, and correcting discoloration and fading. While there is quite a lot that we can fix, there are some images that are simply too damaged to be successfully digitally restored and still remain historically accurate.  
  • What is the quality of the image? We want to be able to offer prints of our images in large sizes, which means we need sharp and well-exposed to avoid quality issues. If an image is not in sharp focus, that softness would only become more noticeable at larger sizes, limiting us in what we can offer.  
  • Is the file large and high-resolution? In addition to file quality, file size and resolution are the main factors that will determine how large we can print a photograph without running into quality issues. If the image was digitized at a small, low-resolution size, we wouldn’t be able to make large prints, and we would likely pass on that image. 
A vintage photo of Trinity Church in Boston

Prints on Paper and Canvas 

Once the digital restoration work is done we are able to offer reproduction prints of our images. All of our images are available on both paper and canvas, both of which are fully archival, so no matter what your preference is your print is guaranteed to last a lifetime! 

How to Choose a Size and Surface

These choices largely come down to personal preference, but we can still help you get started! Choosing between paper and canvas can be tough if you aren’t sure what you want. Paper is a much more classic look, as it will need to be framed behind glass before it can be displayed. This also allows for quite a bit of customization, as you can choose between a huge variety of mat and frame options. Canvas, on the other hand, does not need to be framed, and is ready to hang straight on the wall. Canvas prints can have more of a painterly look thanks to the canvas texture.  

Choosing a size is entirely dependent on your budget and where you plan to display your print. If you just need a small print to fill a gap in your decor, consider the smaller options in our offers. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a unique centerpiece, you may want to look for the images in our collection that can be printed up to 40”x50”

Travel Through Boston’s History

A vintage travel poster advertising travel to Boston via Allegheny Airlines

Our collection of Boston photographs and posters will take you on a journey back in time through Boston’s history. View the beautiful century-old architecture and enjoy the wave of nostalgia that these images bring. 

Vintage Travel Poster Highlighting Boston History

Our vintage Boston travel poster dates back to the 1950s and features numerous Boston landmarks and historic figures. Paul Revere on horseback, the Old North Church, and the Mayflower ship are some of those featured on the poster in eye-catching colors. The poster specifically advertises Allegheny Airlines, enticing viewers to book a flight to the Massachusetts city. 

Historic Boston Landmarks

Boston has its fair share of landmarks, and these have been photographed time and time again throughout history. Our collection includes several photographs of Boston’s landmarks as they were over a century ago.  

Boston’s Quincy Market 

As Boston grew as a city, so did its commercial demand. It wasn’t long before demand downtown had outgrown the capacity of Faneuil Hall, a marketplace and meeting hall. In order to expand and provide more space for shopping, Quincy Market was built. The main Quincy Market building has been designated as both a National Historic Landmark and a Boston Landmark. Over time, the market continued to expand to accommodate increased needs. 

Our vintage Quincy Market photograph was taken in 1904, and clearly depicts the hustle and bustle of the market. Horse-drawn carts can be seen from the foreground all the way to the background of the image, making it clear how thriving the market was. Those who have visited Quincy Market in more recent times will find both nostalgia and familiarity in this image. The busyness of shoppers coming and going offers familiarity to current times at shopping centers like this, while the horses and century-old clothing provide nostalgia for times long past. 

A vintage photograph of Boston's Quincy Market bustling with activity

Massachusetts State House 

Built in 1798, the Massachusetts State House is one of the oldest state capitols still currently in use. The historic building houses the offices of the state Governor, as well as the Massachusetts General Court, and has been designated as a National Historic Landmark. The building has been enlarged many times throughout its history, and our vintage photograph captures it as it was in 1902. 

The photograph shows the sprawling length of the building with pedestrians walking the grounds outside. Viewing the building from this vantage point allows viewers to see the many additions to the building that have been built over time. 

Admire Boston’s Historical Architecture

Boston’s landmarks and historic buildings boast beautiful historical architecture, which is on full display in our vintage photographs. We have digitally restored all of our images, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any details. 

A black and white, vintage image of the courtyard at Boston's historic library

Tranquility in the Library Courtyard

The Boston Public Library, which was established in 1848, was the first large free municipal library in the United States. The library changed locations a few times in its early history as it continued to grow its collection, eventually settling in its current McKim Building, which has been added onto over time. This building was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1986. 

It is a part of the McKim Building that is featured in our vintage photograph. In this peaceful image, we view the library’s courtyard. Benches can be seen along the covered walkways surrounding the courtyard, with a small fountain in the center of the courtyard. A beautiful piece of Boston’s library history, this image can be yours with our fine art reproduction prints! 

Historic Trinity Church

After The Great Boston Fire of 1872 saw Trinity Church’s original building destroyed, a new church complex was quickly built, with construction finishing in 1877. The vintage photograph in our collection was taken just a few decades later, in 1900. Ivy can be seen beginning to crawl up the sides of the building. Reproduction prints of this historic image can be purchased in a range of sizes, making this the perfect decor piece for any member of the congregation!

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