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Using Prints to Decorate a Small Space

Using Prints to Decorate a Small Space

When talking about decorating homes and offices, we most commonly think of filling wide open walls. But most spaces also have small sections of wall, cutouts, or nooks and crannies that need the perfect piece to fit. Prints can be the perfect fit for any small space you want to bring a bit more life to. 

Small Sizes 

If you have a small space to fill, you will of course need to look at smaller print sizes. You could order a single print to perfectly fit the space, or could opt for multiple smaller sized prints to hang side by side. 

Small Frame with a Print

Options to fit every space

All of our images are available in a range of sizes to fit any space you need. Most commonly the images in our collection are available in sizes around 8x10 and larger. These small sizes are perfect for fitting into small areas, or even filling a gap you may have in a gallery wall or other display. If you find an image you love, but the smallest size available is still too large for what you need, you can request a smaller size! We are happy to accommodate special requests and custom orders, just contact us and let us know what you need. 

Maximize Space 

If you only have a small space to fill, you’ll likely want to get the most out of the space. This will mean making choices when ordering prints to maximize the potential of the space you have. There are a few options to consider that will help you get the most out of any small space, and find the perfect print for you. 

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a great way to get the most out of your small space, as they do not require additional framing; they’ll be ready to hang on the wall as soon as they arrive. Since you won’t have to worry about a mat and/or frame adding more size onto the print, if you have a 10” space to fill, you could order a 10” canvas print to fit that space perfectly.

As mentioned above, our prints are available in a range of sizes, most of which are standard sizes. If you need a canvas print to be a very specific size, don't hesitate to request a custom size!

Minimalist Frames 

If you are ordering paper prints, you’ll need to think about framing options, as the frame will add extra size onto the print. To be able to order as large of a print as possible, you can choose a minimalist frame, something like a simple, sleek black frame without a mat, that won’t add too much additional size to your print. Adding a mat would add more size, as would larger, more complex frames. 


Framing Options

A framed print of a vintage photograph hanging above a desk

When looking for a frame for your print, you can either get a premade frame from a store, such as Michael's or Walmart, or opt for custom framing. Both options have pros and cons, so you’ll want to do a little research and decide what option is best for you and your print.  

Premade Frames 

Premade frames are great when you are on a budget, or if you aren’t concerned with individually picking out and customizing all of the elements of a frame. You can find premade frames both with and without a mat, as well as a wide variety of frame styles. Just make sure to note the size of your print before you head to the store, to make sure you buy the right size frame!

Custom Frames

If your print is a nonstandard size, or if you like to be able to pick out and customize all the options you like, custom framing is likely the way to go. You’ll be able to work directly with a framer who can help walk you through your options and put together a beautiful frame to complement your print and fit your space perfectly. A framer will also be able to help you find options that fit within your budget, whatever that may be.

Vertically Stack Prints

With narrow spaces you likely won’t have enough space to hang multiple prints side by side, but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize the vertical space! If you’d like to display multiple prints in a small space, hanging them in a column will work perfectly. A good option would be to hang one print right at eye level, and then add one print above and one below. This ensures that all three prints will be within reasonable viewing distance, without being significantly too high or low for easy viewing. 

Small Pops of Color 

Hanging color prints in your smaller spaces is a great way to bring a pop of color into your decor. If a larger color print would overwhelm your existing decor, a smaller print can be a great option to still be able to display the image you love without overpowering a space. Our collection features a large selection of color images, perfect for bringing a bit of brightness and life into any small space you need to decorate. 

Fine art paper and canvas print reproductions of a vintage photo of airplanes

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