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6 Timeless Americana Photos to Display in Your Home
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6 Timeless Americana Photos to Display in Your Home

Our Americana Collection

Our collection of vintage photographs contains a number of classic Americana images. These photographs speak to times long past and evoke nostalgia. Many of these images are in vivid color, a departure from the black and white of the majority of our vintage collection. 

Prints on Fine Art Paper and Canvas

All of the images in our collection are available to be purchased as fine art reproduction prints on both paper and canvas. We use only the highest quality materials, ensuring that your prints will last over 100 years without any fading or discoloration. Our prints are available in a range of sizes, so we’ve got something to fit whatever space you need to fill. 

A vintage color photograph of people on the ferris wheel at the Vermont State Fair

Experience the History of State Fairs

State fairs have a long history, and have evolved over the decades. People of all ages come from all over to experience these fairs and the attractions that they offer. 

The 1941 Vermont State Fair

We have a few images in our collection that were taken at the Vermont State Fair in 1941. Now over 80 years old, these photographs offer a great amount of nostalgia for times long passed. 

Ferris Wheel Photograph 

Our iconic image, “Ferris Wheel at Vermont State Fair”, pictures the fair’s Ferris Wheel set against the bright blue sky. Riders can be seen on the Ferris Wheel, which is small by today’s standards, but was a grand attraction at the time regardless. The framing of the photograph is compelling, making the viewer feel like they are on the ground looking up at the Ferris Wheel and those on it. This bright pop of color would make a great addition to any decor that is in need of a focal point.

Barker with Carnival Signs

Another unique image in our collection is “Barker at the Vermont State Fair”. This image depicts a man standing in front of a number of signs advertising various attractions. These signs include advertisements for “Teddy the Wrestling Bear” and large snakes. These types of fair attractions don’t exist anymore, so this photography immediately takes the viewer back in time. The price for tickets also calls back to decades long ago, at just 5 cents. 

View Rural America Through Vintage Photographs

Photographs of rural America in the 1940s hold a special charm that simply isn’t present in photographs of larger cities during the same time period. It is the charm of simplicity, and the nostalgia for times passed that draws the viewer in. Often there are so many details to notice within a single image, constantly bringing the view back to look for more. 

A vintage color photo feauturing a crossroads store advertising various types of alcohol

Crossroads Store 

One such image that holds endless nostalgic details is “A Crossroads Store, Bar, Juke Joint, and Gas Station”. The title alone tells you how much there is to see, with one single building serving so many purposes. There are countless signs on the outside of the building advertising various products, all of which are in a style that immediately calls back to earlier times. Several men sit outside the building, drawing the viewer in to wonder about their daily lives and experiences in this town and at this store. 

The Timeless Pastime of Fishing

Another vintage photograph that so captures life in rural America is “Boys Fishing in a Bayou, Louisiana”. Fishing is a pastime that has long endured, and this photograph is evidence of just that. In it, we see two boys at the water's edge with wide-brimmed hats to shield their faces from the sun. One holds a fishing pole, and they both look out across the water, hopeful for what they might catch. This unique photograph was taken in 1940 in Schriever, Louisiana. 

Two boys in sun hats fishing in a Bayou

Daily Life Throughout the Ages

One of the many wonderful things about vintage photography is that it allows us to get a glimpse into the lives of those who came before us. These images allow us to travel back in time and compare our own experiences to those in the photographs, to see what has changed and what has stayed the same. 

Vintage Images of Workers Throughout History

One commonality we share with those in these vintage photographs is the daily work experience. The jobs themselves may be different, but the daily grind endures. Though we all have varying schedules and responsibilities, most adults can relate to the experience of working one job or another. 

A vintage photo of a group of commuters in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Commuters on Public Transit 

Commuting is rarely anyone’s favorite part of the day, but it is often a necessary part of it. Travel to and from work can be done in a number of ways, all depending on how far you need to travel and what means you have to get there. Commuting on public transportation is a daily experience for many who lives in cities and larger towns, whether that is taking a bus or a train. In our unique image, “Commuters Waiting for the Bus, Lowell, MA” we see a group of people waiting at a bus stop in Lowell, Massachusetts. 

This photograph was taken in the 1940’s. While the clothes on the commuters and the advertisements in the background give away the age of this image, this exact situation can be seen at bus stops every morning around the world today. 

A vintage photograph by Dorothea Lange of a railway Brakeman in Nevada

Brakeman Rail Worker

Taken by Dorothea Lange in 1939, this vintage photograph shows a railway Brakeman standing between several sets of tracks. Brakemen assisted with the braking of trains, among a number of other duties on the train. Historically, this was a particularly dangerous job, but new advancements in technology have helped to reduce this danger and adjust the duties of the brakemen. The Brakeman in this photograph stands ready for a day of hard work, something that remains relatable today. Although the responsibilities have changed, these vintage images of workers are still largely relatable to our daily working lives today.

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