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Decorating Your Bedroom with Vintage Photography Prints
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Decorating Your Bedroom with Vintage Photography Prints

Fine art prints are an excellent option for decorating any home or office. No matter what you’re interested in, whether you like color or black and white, our collection has something for you. 

Where to Hang Prints

There are plenty of options for using fine art prints to decorate a bedroom. We offer all of our images in a number of different sizes, so no matter what particular space you need to fill you can find a print that gets the job done.  

Above the Bed

Gallery wall arrangement of art and prints above a bed

Unless your bed is placed under a window, you likely have a large stretch of wall above your bed that could use a piece of decor. This is a great spot to hang a fine art print, and there are several options for filling the space depending on your preferences. You can hang a single large print or a number of smaller prints. If you need help getting started and choosing a size, check out our cheat sheet for print sizes

Create a Gallery Wall

Another great option for decorating your bedroom with fine art prints is to create a gallery wall. Depending on the layout of your bedroom, you could potentially create a gallery wall over the bed, or on any large open stretch of wall.

A gallery wall consists of numerous prints, generally of various sizes and orientations, arranged in a unique layout. You can mix black and white with color and various different image subjects, or you can pick a cohesive theme to stick with. Getting started on a gallery wall can be tough if you aren’t sure what you want to do, so if you need some inspiration, take a look at our guide to creating a gallery wall

Fill Small Spaces

Between closets, doors, and windows, there often end up being small sections of wall in bedrooms, perfect for small prints. Our images are available in a range of sizes to fit any space, big or small. 

Unique Decor Style

Small Framed print on table with decorations

Fine art prints of vintage photography make for unique decor. Our images are carefully selected from various archives and meticulously restored to their original condition. 

Pair With Antique Furniture

If you are a fan of vintage pieces and antique furniture, our prints of vintage images are a great option to pair with true antiques. Paper prints can be framed with vintage-style frame moulding to pair perfectly with your antiques.

Archival Prints With a Vintage Feel

There are several advantages to choosing reproduction prints of vintage images, rather than original vintage prints. Arguably the biggest advantage is that our reproduction prints are printed with museum-quality, archival materials. These prints will last a lifetime before any fading or discoloration occurs. This gives you the best of both worlds: quality prints that will last a lifetime of images taken a lifetime ago.

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