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How to Clean Canvas Prints

How to Clean Canvas Prints

All surfaces collect dust over time, and canvas prints are no exception. Keeping your canvas prints clean will help them last as long as possible, and keep them looking brand new after years of display. It is important to know how to properly clean your canvas prints, to avoid causing any damage. 

Durable Surface 

Unlike paper prints, the surface of canvas prints are quite durable, as our canvas prints are coated with archival varnish. The protects the ink on the surface of the canvas, and provides a layer of protection, as the frame glass does for paper prints. This makes cleaning canvas prints quite simple.  

Two Canvas Prints

Clean with Distilled Water

The best option for cleaning your canvas prints is distilled water. If you can’t get your hands on distilled water, tap water will work fine as well, but distilled is the preferred option. Don’t spray or pour water directly onto the canvas itself, instead dampen a paper towel or gentle cleaning cloth and use that to gently wipe down the surface of the canvas. Be careful not to press too hard, as you don’t want to create a dent or stretch out the flexible canvas. 

Do Not Use Cleaning Sprays

When cleaning canvas prints, you’ll want to avoid using any cleaning sprays, and stick to simple water. This is because you don’t want to risk any chemicals gradually wearing through the protective varnish layer and causing damage to the canvas.

Prevent Contaminate Buildup

A digital mockup of a canvas print of a vintage photograph of three ships at sea, hanging above a desk

Cleaning with water is great for keeping your print clean, but prevention is another important factor in keeping your canvas prints pristine. Dust is unavoidable, but there are steps you can take to avoid further contributing to contaminate buildup on your canvas prints. 

Avoid Smoke Exposure

Smoke exposure is very detrimental to your prints, both paper and canvas. It can cause yellowing and discoloration, and will damage your canvas prints. In order to keep your prints looking like new for as long as possible, it is important to avoid undue exposure to smoke and other contaminant buildup.You can read more about taking care of your prints here.

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