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Adorning Your Walls With American Landmarks
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Adorning Your Walls With American Landmarks

Across the country, there are countless landmarks that are well-known and instantly recognizable. A significant portion of these iconic landmarks have been around for many decades, allowing for the accumulation of photographs throughout history. Timelines can be created of how these landmarks and the areas surrounding them look at numerous points throughout their history. 

In our collection of vintage photography, we have quite a few images of landmarks, monuments, and iconic buildings. Our reproduction prints of these images, which we have carefully digitally restored, are the perfect addition to any home or office decor.  

The Washington Monument and its reflection

Share Your Love of History with Vintage Photography

Vintage photography is a great way to display your love of history. Photography has been a constant since its invention, and photographers have been diligently documenting all aspects of history, from mundane day-to-day moments to historic and momentous events. No matter what your favorite subset of history may be, there are almost certainly vintage photographs that align with your interests. 

Whether you are interested in the history of automobiles, military history, classic Americana, or collegiate history, our collection has something for you. All of our images have been digitally restored by our expert technicians so your reproduction prints will look just like the photograph originally did, free of damage and decay. 

Create a Nostalgic Feel in Your Decor

It’s easy to feel nostalgic when viewing vintage photography. Even if you can’t pinpoint the exact year or decade, it’s still so clear when viewing these images that they depict moments long past. Whether it’s the clothing styles, the signs on buildings, or the style of the cars, these images immediately take the viewer on a journey through time. 

If you display vintage photographs in your home, you’ll create a sense of nostalgia in your decor. Both you and your guests will be able to enjoy these windows into the past, appreciating the moments captured by cameras.  

Travel Back in Time to Historic Moments

Countless vintage photographs depict regular moments in everyday life, but there are also countless images that depict historic moments. The construction of landmarks, moments of change, and influential moments have all been documented with still images. These images allow us to travel back in time and witness these historic moments decades and centuries later. 

Witness the Construction of Landmark Buildings

Our vintage photography collection includes a number of images depicting landmark buildings during their construction. These buildings have existed for so long that it’s easy to forget they haven’t always been here. The construction of these buildings provides a unique view of locations we know so well. 

The Flatiron Building in New York City while under construction

Our iconic image, Flatiron Building Under Construction, shows New York City’s iconic Flatiron Building while it was still being built. A section in the middle, as well as the entire top of the building, can be seen as incomplete in this image. This image is over a century old, captured in 1902 on a dry plate negative. The intervening years allowed for the accumulation of dirt and damage on the original plate. Working from a digital scan, our skilled technicians have digitally restored this stunning image to its original condition. 

Our collection also includes a photograph of the Library of Congress while it was under construction. Scaffolding and construction wires can be seen on and around the building in this image, taken in 1894. The Library of Congress has undergone additional construction since this image was created, further adding to its long history in Washington DC. 

See our Landmarks at Different Points in Time

Vintage photography allows us to see landmarks at countless different times throughout history. Especially today, with most people having a camera in their pocket, our landmarks and monuments are being photographed hundreds and thousands of times every day. This creates a long visual history, allowing us to see these places during different seasons, decades, and sometimes even centuries. 

Washington DC’s Capitol Building Through the Ages

You’ll find quite a few images in our collection featuring the Capitol Building in Washington DC. As a historic and influential building, it has been visited and photographed on a regular basis throughout history. Our collection includes the earliest surviving photograph of the Capitol Building, taken in 1846. This image shows the original wood-encased copper dome atop the building. 

Also in our collection, you’ll find this image of the Capitol Building, taken 50 years later. The change in just a handful of decades is significant. Additional wings can be seen on both sides of the building, and the dome is entirely different. 

A black and white vintage image of the Capitol Building in Washington DC

These two images contribute to the overall history of the Capitol Building, and history buffs will enjoy comparing the two and picking out all of the similarities and differences. If you’re interested in Washington DC history, displaying reproduction prints of these two images side by side is a great decor option. 

Create a Visual Timeline of History in Your Home or Office

With vintage photography, you can create a visual timeline of history. You may need to do some digging to find the images you need, but there are sure to be countless images of any landmark or monument that you are interested in. You can create an entirely unique display with these images, hanging fine art prints in chronological order on your walls. This decor would be sure to be a conversation starter, allowing you to discuss your interests with anyone curious enough to ask!

Explore our Collection of Vintage Landmark Photography

Our collection is always expanding but already includes quite a few iconic landmarks and monuments from across the country. Take a look for yourself and see what unique gems you might find!

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