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Staging Success: How to Select the Perfect Vintage Photos for Different Home Styles
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Staging Success: How to Select the Perfect Vintage Photos for Different Home Styles

No matter what style you prefer for your home and its furnishings, there’s a vintage photograph that would work perfectly for you. Our collection includes a wide range of imagery in both color and black and white, providing you with countless options to choose from. 

Pairing Vintage Photographs with Decor

Even if your other decor and furnishing choices aren’t vintage-inspired, you can still find a great vintage photograph to pair with them. You can either contrast styles, or find a vintage image with a style that is cohesive with your existing furnishings. 

Choosing Images that Match Your Decor

You can use the decor items that you already have to inspire your choice of vintage image. Our collection has much to offer and you can spend a great deal of time browsing, but we’ll provide some inspiration to get you started! 

A vintage color photo feauturing a crossroads store advertising various types of alcohol

Great Vintage Images for Rustic Decor

Rustic decor may be the easiest to pair with vintage photography, as it already calls upon the past. One image we think would work particularly well with your rustic decor is our image “Crossroads, Bar, Juke Joint, and Gas Station”. This image exudes rustic, nostalgic charm, calling upon times long past. This photograph was created in 1940 and offers a window into the past.

Vintage Photographs Perfect for Modern Decor

Vintage views of Glacier National Park

If you prefer a more modern look, you can still incorporate vintage photographs into your decor. Our collection of landscape photographs offers a timeless look. Without the obvious giveaways such as cars, buildings, advertisements, and clothing, these images don’t immediately give away their origins. A great example is our image “Glacier National Park”. This image offers a serene view of nature in the mountains, and one would be unlikely to guess that this image was captured in 1941.

Vintage Images Great for an Eclectic Style

For a more eclectic style, you may want to browse our collection of color photography. These bright pops of color will fit right in with an eclectically decorated space. One of our favorites is “Barker at the Vermont State Fair”. There’s a lot going on in this image, each time you look you’ll find a new detail you hadn’t noticed before. That’s the joy of an eclectic collection, always offering something new and interesting. 

Choosing Frames that Match Your Decor

Your framing choices can also help tie in with your existing furnishings. Frames come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. If you’re new to framing, consider reading our article on framing options for paper prints to help get you started. 

A close up image of four frame corners, each a different style

Consider Custom Framing to Build the Perfect Frame

If you can’t find a premade frame that fits your style, custom framing may be the way to go. There are countless options with custom framing, and an experienced framer can help guide you through the process. You’ll be able to choose different moulding and mat styles and customize each detail. Make sure to ask for archival materials to ensure your prints last as long as possible. 

Thrift Frames for an Eclectic Style

If you want to stick to an eclectic style you might consider searching thrift stores for your frames. It may take some time, but you can find some truly unique options this way. If you plan to order reproduction prints, such as the kind we offer, you’ll want to find your frame first, and then order a size that will fit. If you don’t see the right size listed as an option, feel free to reach out to us! We’re happy to help with custom orders whenever we can.

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