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Using Vintage Travel Posters to Inspire Wanderlust
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Using Vintage Travel Posters to Inspire Wanderlust

Dream of Distant Places with Vintage Posters

A TWA poster advertising travel to New York

If you love to travel, our collection of vintage travel posters could be the perfect option for your home or office decor. Each of our vintage posters has been digitally restored and can be purchased as a fine art reproduction print on museum-quality paper and canvas. These posters can create a sense of nostalgia in your decor, as they are immediately reminiscent of past eras, but also a deep sense of wanderlust. Each of these unique posters was originally created to draw viewers in and encourage them to travel to distant locations, and that original intent is still effective today!  

Adorn Your Walls with Travel Inspiration

You can create inspiration for your future travels with your home decor by choosing vintage posters that advertise places you have yet to visit. They can serve as encouragement while you save up for your trip, and then transform into reminders of the memories you created after you’ve finally taken that trip. 

Create a Conversation Starting Gallery Wall with Vintage Travel Posters

Gallery walls are a great way to display our vintage travel posters, as they allow you to display any number of prints. There are no real rules when it comes to creating a gallery wall. Our helpful guide, linked above, can walk you through through the basics and offers some general advice for planning your own gallery wall. You can choose to be neat and precise, displaying your prints in organized rows, each the same size, or you can be looser with it, arranging different-sized prints in a unique layout. Gallery walls also allow you to display different types of media together. You can display travel posters from locations you’ve been to alongside a photo you took there, or a small souvenir from your trip. 

No matter how you choose to lay out your gallery wall, or what you choose to display within it, your gallery wall will certainly serve as a conversation starter. Each travel poster in your display tells a story on its own and will represent a part of your personal story as well. Visitors to your space will be invited to view these stories, and this can quickly spark conversation. Perhaps they’ve been to some of the cities on display in your space and have a great story to tell, or maybe one of the locations you’ve been to is on their bucket list and they’re looking for advice for their travels. Either way, a gallery wall featuring our vintage travel posters is sure to enliven a space. 

A vintage travel poster for American Airlines and Washington DC

Mix Vintage Travel Posters with Photographs

Travel posters are a great way to commemorate your travels, and vintage travel posters offer a unique option. They offer the added element of nostalgia with their unique designs and bright colors. A great way to display these travel posters is alongside photographs of the locations advertised on the posters. These could be your own personal photographs, or they could be vintage photographs from our collection. For example, you could pair our Washington DC Travel Poster with any of these images in our collection of vintage Washington DC photographs. This pairing would maintain the vintage theme in your decor, creating a unique display. 

Conversely, pairing a vintage travel poster with a modern photograph you’ve taken, offers a different type of display. Mixing vintage with modern is a wonderful option, and can help tie other decor together if you like to incorporate vintage/antique items into the decor of your modern home.

Start a Vintage Poster Collection

As we continue to expand our collection of vintage posters, so can you! As mentioned, our reproduction prints of vintage posters are a great way to commemorate your travels. After each trip you take, you can add another poster to your collection. This will both inspire future trips so that you can continue to grow your collection, and remind you of all the memories you’ve created on past trips. 

A colorful vintage travel poster advertising travel to Puerto Rico

Memorialize Your Travels with Vintage Posters 

If you are an avid traveler, you may be looking for a unique way to memorialize your trips. Vintage posters are a great option that allows you to share your passion for travel with anyone who enters your space. 

Display Your Posters with Photos from Your Trip 

So many of us end up with phones and cameras full of pictures from our travels but we don’t always display them anywhere to share with others. A great way to share these moments you’ve captured on your travels is to display prints of them side by side with a vintage poster advertising the destination you visited! The options here are rather endless. You could pick out your favorite photograph and print it the same size as the poster, displaying the two side by side. Another idea would be printing the poster in a large size, and hanging it next to many smaller photographs in a sort of mini gallery wall display. 

Frame Posters in a Shadowbox with Souvenirs

If you picked up a physical souvenir on your travels that you’d like to display, a shadowbox frame could be a great option. This will protect your treasured item from the buildup of dust and dirt while still allowing you and your guests to see it and appreciate it. 

A unique display option would be getting a custom shadowbox frame made to display your souvenir side by side with a reproduction print of one of our vintage posters. This makes for a great, self-contained conversation starter. Your guests will be able to see where you went and what you got there, and will surely want to know more about your travels. 

National Park Posters for Nature Lovers

Vintage Yellowstone National Park poster

If your travels most often take you to the great outdoors, our National Parks posters are perfect for you! Each park has its own unique landscape and the vintage posters in our collection capture these landscapes perfectly. These posters were created with vivid colors, and thanks to our digital restoration work, these colors have been revived once again. Our reproduction prints are true to the original posters and are made with archival materials, so they won’t be subject to the same fading and deterioration as the originals. 

Inspire Your Next National Park Trip 

Hanging a reproduction print of one of our vintage posters in your home could be a great way to inspire your next trip. If you’ve always wanted to plan a trip to Yellowstone, consider a print of our vintage poster! The print can serve as a reminder of the trip you’d like to take, and inspiration to keep planning and saving up. You could even consider displaying the print alongside a jar for spare cash, as a representation of your travel fund on its way to your goal. 

Bring the Beauty of Nature Inside

Our vintage National Parks posters are also a great to bring the beauty of nature inside. Even if the weather is gloomy, or you’re slogging through a tough winter, you can always look at your National Park posters for a reminder of the natural beauty of nature. The posters can remind you of your favorite parks and landscapes, and bring a touch of natural brightness to your space.

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